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Football FAQ's about Arbiter

Football FAQ's about Arbiter

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
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Top 10 - FAQ’s about NAIA and Arbiter Sports Officials Registration.


1.      Why do we have to register to work in the NAIA?

a.       To have all officials across the country receive the same message so games will be officiated by the best prepared officials we can assign.

b.      We need to know who are officials are working our games.

2.      Why do we need to register, the NCAA does not require it unless you work the postseason?

a.      If you work the NAIA postseason you will be required to register, however that is not the main reason for this. We believe that asking officials to register, watch a short video, and take a short quiz, is not a lot to ask to be able to work at the college level.  Many of you have or still work, high school sports and in many cases there are more requirements to work that level than at the college level.

b.      This provides some accountability for our officials that work in the NAIA.

c.      This initiative has been mandated by the NAIA Council of Presidents, and Conference Commissioners.

3.      Why should I register, I will get my games anyway?

a.      In some cases this might be true in areas where there is a shortage, however assignors should limit the number of these assignments as a need only basis. However, is this really a professional way to handle officiating responsibilities?

4.      Why should I register and watch the video and take a quiz?

a.      No doubt many of you are experienced officials. However, there may be still things you could learn. We will have the most up-to-date education and training materials available, including: videos, clinics, bulletins, and play situations.

b.      We also will cover information about the NAIA and how we want our games to run. The coaches and players receive this information and so should the officials.

5.      What does the money go for?

a.      Hire a Director of Officiating Initiatives (already in place)

b.      Develop educational materials for NAIA officials

c.       Pay for the NAIA Central Hub.

d.      Increase officiating fees at the championship.

e.      Provide a stipend for national coordinators of officials for each sport.

6.      What benefits do I receive?

a.      A dedicated NAIA Central Hub with all NCAA relevant training and educational materials such as videos, rule interpretations, case plays, mechanics, and bulletins.

b.       NAIA only officials will also receive a copy of the NCAA rulebook.

c.      NAIA and NCAA officials will have access to customized NAIA content and points of emphasis, season-long officiating bulletins, and an NAIA membership card for access to postseason and select regular season contests.

d.       Discounts with NAIA partners.  Just added discounts for Enterprise and National Car Rental, plus complete travel planning with Short’s Travel and we are in the process of adding more.

7.      What happens to officials if they don’t register?

a.      Initially the official will be allowed to work the contest. The athletics director should remind the official of the new NAIA requirements and notify the conference commissioner, assignor, and the Director of Officiating Initiatives by email.

b.      Officials that do not register would not be eligible for consideration to work the NAIA Championships including the opening round.


8.      Annual registration fees are as follows:

a.      NAIA/NCAA official will be charged $50 for access to the NAIA Central Hub.

                                                    i.     If an official works both NCAA/NAIA they should register with NCAA first to receive NAIA discount.

b.      NAIA only official will be charged $125 for access to NAIA Central hub.

9.      Exemption to Registration

a.      NCAA Division I  officials who will work two or less NAIA dates will not be required to register on the NAIA Hub unless they wish to be considered for the NAIA Championships. (opening round games included)

10.   Why do all this anyway?

a.      NAIA membership approved this initiative to elevate the importance of officiating in the NAIA. This is no different than other organizations that provide education and training to its registered officials. We will strive to create a connection nationally with all NAIA officials and with your help it can have a positive impact on our Champions of Character values

b.      We want to know who are officials are so we may be able to select the best officials we can find for our national championships. This hopefully will give more of a professional feel by being part of an organization.

c.      Of course the bigger picture is we want everyone to receive the same message so no matter where teams go to play in the country things are as consistent as possible.  All of us I am sure have the same goal and that is to improve the officiating so we have the best trained and prepared official that are available that night to be working our games.

d.      I thank you for your help with this initiative and together we can continue to work toward always improving the officiating in the NAIA.

Our goal? To have the best trained officials who are available that day working our contests.

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