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Larry Lady Officiating Award

Larry Lady Officiating Award

Monday, August 6, 2018
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Recognizing outstanding officials working in any NAIA sport

N O M I N A T I O N   F O R M

Receipt deadline: To NAIA National Office by July 15
Submit to: or NAIA Awards, 1200 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64106
Question Contact: Kelli Briscoe,  Phone: 816-595-8000

Presented annually to an official of any sport recognized by the NAIA, the award is named in honor of Larry Lady, former NAIA Assignor of Officials for basketball, football and baseball.  

1.   Must have at least 10 years of collegiate officiating service in the sport of nomination, but does not have to be actively officiating at the time of nomination to be considered.
2.  Must have officiated, judged, started or umpired an NAIA National Championship during his/her career.
3.   Must be of outstanding quality, high moral character, fine officiating ability and be held in high esteem by their colleagues, administrators and athletes.

Required Nomination Materials
1.  Official nomination form
2.  Current high resolution photo
3.  Three letters of recommendation with two from
a.  coach of the sport of nomination;
b.  an Assignor of Officials in the sport of nomination.

 Nomination Procedure
1.  Any institution in good standing with the NAIA, NAIA coaches associations and any affiliated conference or region representative or national officiating organization may nominate candidates for this award.  Nominations may be submitted to the NAIA National Office at any time during the year; however the annual deadline is June 15.
2.  Nominations received after the deadline will be returned to the submitter and may be resubmitted for the following year.
3.  Nominees not selected will be considered for a second time.  If not elected in a two-year period, the candidate cannot be considered for one year, at which time new nominating material may be submitted. A candidate may only be considered a total of four times.  

1.  The NAIA National Office will compile all nominations and forward to the Larry Lady Officiating Award Committee comprising
     a.  Larry Lady or representative assigned by Larry Lady
     b.  National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) representative
     c.  NAIA Hall of Fame/Awards Committee representative
     d.  Supervisor/Assignor of Officials of any sport
     e.  A current official, starter, judge or umpire
     f.  NAIA National Office Liaison (non-voting member)
**The committee must have at least one female and one male serving at all times.

2.  Selection of three finalists will be made on a conference call of a majority of committee members. The ballot of finalists will be sent to all committee members for their review and ranking of the three nominees within 10 days from the date of receiving the ballot.  Ballots are then sent to the National Office to be tallied; second and third place votes will be tie breakers if needed.

3.  After selection is made, the National Office officially notifies the national winner a week before NAIA National Awards Day in September.

The national award recipient is announced publically during NAIA National Awards Day in September and will be presented with the award at the national championship in the sport of nomination or other appropriate function. The recipient will receive $500 to be used by recipient, a member of the recipient’s family or family friend of the recipient who attends an NAIA institution.  The award does not have to be used during the year of receipt.  This award will be issued to the institution of the recipient’s choice in the name of the recipient’s choosing, once agreed upon by the recipient and committee.

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