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Expectations & Benefits

Expectations & Benefits

Monday, August 4, 2014
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The official training and educational resource for NAIA officials

Starting with the 2014-15 season, officials in selected sports are required to participate in standardized NAIA and sport-specific training offered through the ArbiterSports platform.

Officials will have access to NAIA-specific training on conduct in competition, standardized training and NAIA rules modifications. NCAA training materials are included.



Expectations of all game officials

• Mandatory participation in the sports listed

• $50 annually for those NAIA officials already registered with ArbiterSports through NCAA officiating

• $110- $125 annually (depends on sport) for officials who are not registered with Arbiter Sports/ NCAA

• Brief test on NAIA expectations, rules modifications and NCAA rules

• Recommendation for the lead official from each contest to report the conduct of coaches, student-athletes and fans

• Recommendation for the lead official from each contest to report on the game management and hospitality of the host institution


Benefits for game officials

• Access to education and training components of ArbiterSports

• Customized NAIA content including NAIA overview, conduct in competion and home team expectations.

• NCAA educational materials

• NAIA rule modifications by sport

• Summary NAIA ejections and variances from NCAA rules

• NAIA membership card for access to NAIA regular-season and conference tournament games in specific sports

• Discounts with NAIA corporate partners

• Opportunities to nominate coaches, officials and student-athletes for NAIA national awards

• Nominate for NAIA National Championships

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