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FAQ's about Honig's and the NAIA

FAQ's about Honig's and the NAIA

Thursday, October 23, 2014
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FAQ’s Honig’s

1.       If my conference is not participating in my sport, can I still order NAIA apparel?

a.       Yes. Be sure to designate your conferences(s) when ordering so the conference receives credit for the purchase.


2.       What if an official does not wear NAIA-branded apparel to a contest if mandated?

a.      At this time the only sports that are mandated nation wide is men's and women's basketball.  However, individual conferences may require certain items.

b.    Unless the conference has received an exemption, the host institution is asked to remind the official of the NAIA requirement an notify the conference commissioner and/or assignor.


3.       Can patches be purchased?

The patch option is limited to the following circumstances:

a.        The conference had a contract with another referee apparel company as of April 2014 that would conflict with an agreement with Honig’s Whistle Stop.  If the conference chooses to purchase patches for officials for the sports designated in its contract, the patches should be purchased through Honig’s. Contact Bill Hoseney – or 1-888-468-3284.


b.      The conference has already received approval from the national office to purchase patches in volleyball, football, baseball, or softball. There are only a few instances like this, and those commissioners previously received confirmation from me or Michael Brooks on the exemption.



4.       Can our conference require other NAIA-branded gear instead of shirts:

a.      Yes. Several conferences have elected to go with a cap or in soccer there are black shorts available instead of purchasing multiple shirts. Please check with your conference assignor/office.


5.       Baseball:  If a conference already requires conference hats, do they have to use NAIA hats?

a.      No, but you are encouraged to consider

b.      Another idea would be to have the conference logo placed on the side or back of the hat.

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