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Selection of Officials for NAIA National Championships
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Selection of officials for the NAIA National Championships varies by sport.

  • NAIA National Championships have a Assignor of Championship Officials, who is responsible for the selection of game officials in cooperation with the NAIA Sport Manager.
  • For National Championship opening rounds, Conference Commissioners work with the NAIA National Office for the selection of officials.
  • Football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, and volleyball have an on-site Coordinatior of Championship Officials who is responsible for the organization, evaluation, and assignment of selected officials during the championship.
  • Below are links to the reccomendation form to be used by conference assignors/supervisors/commissioners:


Men's Basketball Officials Recommendation Form

Women's Basketball Officials Recommendation Form

Baseball Umpire Recommendation Form

Softball Umpire Recommendation Form

Volleyball Referee Recommendation Form

Soccer Referee Recommendation Form

Football Crew Recommendataion Form

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